A wide gate for the general trade to all over the world through our company, we concern with searching for the best factories and best goods according to the standard descriptions & measures that gain more popularity in the marketing and good profit as our staff have a wide experience in the translation, negotiation, searching for the best, this is in addition to the shipping’s observation, meanwhile we are dealing with big & fast sea and air shipping companies.

Reception to and from the airport
Insurance hotels
Insurance restaurants
Insurance translators
Search for better sources and cheaper prices
Guaranteed contracts
Screening cargo
Follow-up goods until the arrival of a client
Internet Marketing
Customs Clearance
What's up with every new thing

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1 - Cosmetics, and hairdressing salon equipment, and accessories for women's, clothing and lingerie.
2 - All Belongings women
3 - Cities electronic games, and games of plastic and rubber, wood and cotton and glass Everything for the Motor and Tyrese
4 - Clothing needs of the child and infant
5 - Securing production lines, machines used insurance, and insurance agencies.
6 - Electronics and electrical appliances
7- Industrial equipment, and power tools
 8-  Processing of restaurants, hotels, exhibitions and national celebrations

you need it,  we'll find it.

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